vrijdag 4 februari 2011

Winfield Rod and Custom

Last week we visited Gene Winfield's shop in the Mojave desert.
Alltough his schedule is real tight the man took the time to show us around.
It's amazing how pasionate this man is about his work.....

Here some of the cars he currently works on..
1951 Chevrolet for a Japanese guy.
1950 Merc with buick headlights and a big Desoto teeth..
This will be a clone of the "Pacific" he built in the sixties

And of course a pic with me, Gene and my dad...

One of the last question I asked was where he got his energy from...he looked at me and the 83 years old man said...:
I'm just getting started..

Pics of Winfields backyard soon.......you won't believe what's in there...

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