dinsdag 15 februari 2011

Barris Kustom City

One of our visits besides the GNRS was to Barris Kustom City in Hollywood.
We got a tour around and talked to the man himself..
In this old 'Barris' shop some of the world's most famous customs are displayed.
Of course everybody knows the 'Batmobile' 
and the 'Munster's  Koach'
George told us that these two cars are actually licenced and legal to drive in CA...?
He even made me believe he often takes them out for a ride down the Hollywood Boulevard...
'The Barrister'  built for Bo Derek. Based on a 1970 Corvette..
Of course...after some wise instructions (after all, george is a famous photographer), a few photo's with the king of Kustom...
This is my favorite..two hero's in one shot......
When I asked what his current personal ride was he smiled....a Prius..."you got to go with time"
And believe it or not...this was parked outside..
It even had the 'Barris' crest on the sides...
Cool guy, cool place, cool memories.............

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