maandag 19 december 2011

New wall art..

I have a thing for old grilles...
Last Motorama my eye fell on this real beauty.
a 1934/35 Renault Mona grille with some genuine patina.
It might end up on this rod we are restyling right now as a temporary loan..
, but someday it will decorate the shop..

zaterdag 3 december 2011

New MetalFlakes have arrived....

Yesterday new colors arrived in our shop:

- Ko Balls
- Toxic Tailfin

Be the first in Europe with these cool new flakes.
Check our shop for over 40 other colors from the Roth Metal Flake line..

(shop will be updated in a few days)

zondag 13 november 2011

1955 Cadillac RatRod

...or Ratillac.. just give it a name
Finally ready to go, will be in the eventron this weekend at the Rockin'Jalopy's Motorama.

Some lettering done by Perry's Kustom Paint
Check this car out @ Frank's Ink & Iron Tattooshop

dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

For sale.... 1959 Edsel Villager

Everyone knows that custom station wagons have become very popular. The problem is, since no one thought they would ever be valuable, most of the 50's & 60's wagons were crushed over the years. Now it is as hard to find a station wagon as it is to find a convertible.

Now consider that Ford only made the Edsel for 3 years & it was one of the worst selling car lines in history. Since Edsel's sales were so very bad, very few of them were built. Only made in 1958, 1959 & 1960, all Edsel models built over all three years totaled just 44,000 vehicles. That sounds like a large number but just to give you an idea of how few 44,000 really is, Ford built about 45,000 1958 Ford Fairlane wagons. How many of them have you ever seen?

In 1959 Ford built a total of just 7820 of these Villager station wagons making it one of the lowest number produced of any Ford car ever made. For example, there were more 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustangs built than 1959 Edsel Villager wagons!!

So out of the already hard to find classic station wagons, this is one of the very rarest. Most people have never seen an Edsel wagon & you will never see another like this.

Cool kustom paintjob;
This is a So-Cal gloss over flat paint scheme. The entire body, door jams, hood jam, tailgate jam, grille sides, headlight bezels & rear bumper were prepped & painted with Kustom Shop's Hot Rod Flat Copper Metallic single stage urethane. Next the scallops you see on the front of the body & running the length of the roof were all laid out by hand & sprayed with Kustom Shop's Candy Lime Green base coat, clear coat. The green was given a little dose of  green & silver metal flakes. This makes the green come to life with hundreds of sparkles in the sun & lets the paint twinkle in the moon light. Next, painter Brian Papa, of Papa Studios in Austel GA., pinstriped all of the scallops by hand in an Traditional White enamal. He finished off this awesome paint job by free handing a Von Dutch style mural across the rear of this wagon.
59 Cadillac taillights replaced the original lenses..
Check out these cool orange metalflake seats. All brand new

The drivetrain is original. This wagon is powered by a Ford 332 V8 which produces respectable numbers at 225 HP & 325 ft-lbs of torque. More than enough power to move this one of a kind rod down the highway & it's factory 2 barrel carb provides for above average fuel mileage. The Mile-0-Matic automatic transmission shifts just as it should & is a much more practical option on todays roads than the old 3 speed manuals found in most classic wagons. 
When interrested you can call me +31620859117 or send me an email

maandag 3 oktober 2011

For Sale.. 1936 Plymouth

This car was spotted by B&S in june 2010 at SoCal speedshop (1st pic) and is now for sale in the Netherlands..
383 350 combo. Mustang front. Air ride. Chopped & Shaved!

Interrested in this beauty? Contact Perry @ Rodshop Eindhoven

zaterdag 1 oktober 2011

Ruhr Rod Kustomday pica's

Cool event with perfect weather and perfect people!!
This chopped shoebox is for 400BC

And back home again..

Check out their store @

donderdag 15 september 2011