zondag 23 januari 2011

And were off....

to LA....
I have my suitcase packed:

We have a busy schedule comming week, lot's of people to see and too many places to visit..
But we promise you to bring back some cool stuff and tons of pictures....
See you all later @ our blog...

donderdag 20 januari 2011

Rumblers BBQ 2010

Last year we visited the BBQ presented by the Rumblers CC chapter Ruhrpott.
We had a nice day with a well organized bbq and there were lots of cool cars driving around.

We had a small booth set up
We'll be there again this year!!

dinsdag 18 januari 2011

Billy Gibbons "Cadzilla"

ZZ Top's guitarist Billy Gibbons has good taste of cars..
This Cadzilla -built by Boyd Coddington- is a perfect example..

Cool dude!!

vrijdag 14 januari 2011

Ink & Iron 2010

Found some crappy phonepics from our visit at the Ink 'n Iron festival in LongBeach last year.
It was not allowed to bring camera's in so..Nokia was the only option.

A buch of cool rods..
'51 Mercury
 Voodoo Larry's '46 Ford 'VooDoo Idol'
Chopped ratrods
1952 Chopped Chevy
1959 Ford Covertible & ....old mopar??

donderdag 13 januari 2011

Metallica's Toys....

Kirk Hammett's 1936 Ford
Build by Cole Foster at Salina's Boys Customs
Bare metal..
James Hetfield's 1953 Buick Skylark

He also ownes a very rare Auburn boat tail speedster

vrijdag 7 januari 2011

Customs @ GNRS 2011

Within 2 weeks we're of to California! For us the highlight of 2011 happens here at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona. The Customs "THEN & NOW" will hold 75 of the most historical Custom cars that are still around today. Here some of the cars that will be displayed...
Sam Barris '49 Mercury
Snooky Janich '41 Ford

Dick Fowler's '38 Ford Coupe

Dave York 50 Ford

Sam Foose 1948 Ford Coupe
And many many more...
check out Rik Hoving's page for more participants.
I can't wait....