woensdag 30 maart 2011

Grand National Roadster Show part 4

"The Aztec" by Barris Kustom
You won't say but this was a '55 Chevrolet

 1938 Ford Coupe for Dick Fowler build by Barris in 1948
The car is currently being restored. It's in white primer....
Running project
Alex Gambino's '54 Chevrolet in the Suede Palace
Showwinning Chopped Chevrolet
Cool Shoebox
Roth Flaked Dodge PU
Heavy modified Chevrolet
Very clean showwinning 1930 Ford Coupe

woensdag 23 maart 2011

The Creators Of Kustom

John D'Agostino, Darryl Starbird, George Barris & Gene Winfield
Bill Hines
Richard Parks & Jack Stewart
Dean Jeffries
Blackie G
Ed Roth (Big Daddy)...RIP..
Larry Watson.....RIP..
Kenny Howard (Von Dutch)...RIP
And many more...
Let us be thankfull to these guys..

zondag 13 maart 2011

Frank's "White whale" 1955 Cadillac

Last week Frank brought us this huge Cadillac.
The car has been sitting for a while and in need of being reborn..

We will do the patching necessary and get it up and running again.
Of course this "Whale" will be lowered, nosed, decked & shaved..
Frank want's a Grey flaked roof and a bare metal body...
More work will follow..

vrijdag 11 maart 2011

In need of some flakes...?

A shitload of flakes arrived yesterday...
We have the Metalflake Aerosols in the folowing colors:
Bad azzz blue
herrie pie
Greasy black
Surfite silver
Custard pie
Freakin fuschia
Gang green
Warm beer
All new flakes and ratllebombs will be available in our shop next week!!

donderdag 3 maart 2011

Gene Winfield's "Backyard"

A few weeks ago I told you guys about our visit to Gene's shop in the Mojave desert.
When we were walking around I asked Gene were he found his parts, and he said:  Most of it I can find in my backyard...
So...this is his backyard....let the pics do the talking..

Chopped Merc: 
Chopped F1 
Cadillac with the Winfield's 'Fadeaway' paintjob 
More mercs.... 

Chopped projects all around.... 
This old paintbooth is still very usefull.. 
These are just a few of probably 100 cars laying around behind his shop..
Don't forget to take a look if you ever go over there..!