maandag 20 september 2010

MoonEyes Shop Santa Fe, CA

While cruisin' trough California we had an appointment with the guys behind Moon.
They have a small shop in Santa Fe from where al parts are distributed.

Bob (shop manager) took us on a tour and showed us where they fabricate the famous Moondisks and oiltanks.
In the front you can see an old racecar with the Potvin Blower.
This front-engine mounted supercharger is a real piece of racing-history.
The Mooneyes Dragster won the NHRA Nationals in the 60s and Chico Kodama got himself a Land Speed Record in 2008 with it!

In a small museum you can see all sorts of racing equipement produced or used by the people of Mooneyes.

All in all a place well worth visiting while cruisin' California!!

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